EasyPDFCloud Alternative: Compare EasyPDFCloud with Api2Pdf for HTML to PDF Conversion

easypdfcloud.com vs. Api2Pdf.com

What does easypdfcloud.com have to offer?

EasyPDFCloud has some potential. Their service offerings are bit complicated to understand, but if you dig through through it, you can find that they to provide some good features such as converting a PDF to a Word file. Their pricing is unclear though, and it appears that your plan depends on how much storage you require, so you may pay as little as $5 per month or you may have to contact sales.

How does Api2Pdf.com compare to easypdfcloud.com’s features and pricing?

Cost to Generate 1,000 PDFs in 1 month* Unclear $1.49
Cost to Generate 50,000 PDFs in 1 month* Unclear $25.55
No Rate Limits Concurrency Limits (Plan Dependent)
No File Size Limits Strict Limits (Plan Dependent)
HTML / URL to PDF Conversion
Word, Excel, Powerpoint to PDF Conversion
Images to PDF Conversion
Merge / Combine Two or More PDFs
PDF to Word
Offers WKHTMLTOPDF Unclear
Offers Headless Chrome
Offers LibreOffice Unclear

*Based on a PDF size of 0.1 megabytes

Final Analysis

EasyPDFCloud covers the basics – HTML to PDF, Office Documents to PDF, and merging of PDFs. They even have PDF to Word, which is a nice touch. The downside is that their API is not clear and obvious to use, requiring the use of creating jobs, workflows, and having to worry about storage requirements. It complicates pricing which makes it a less attractive option than Api2Pdf.com for most use-cases.

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