C# / .NET tutorial – Take a screenshot of a website

July 13th, 2021 / by api2pdf /


You might need to convert a URL to an image, URL to PNG, or automatically take a screenshot of a website for various reasons. Maybe you are crawling websites and would like an image preview of all of them for a database. In either case, if you’re writing c# / .net core and you have been doing research, you probably came across Headless Chrome or wkhtmltoimage. Working with either is a headache. Much easier to write just a few lines of code and call it a day. You can easily take a screenshot of a URL with c# / .NET core within minutes using our REST API.

Take a screenshot of a website C# / .NET Core

Step 1) Open up your package manager and run the command

Install-Package Api2Pdf -Version 2.0.0

Step 2) Grab an API key from https://portal.api2pdf.com. Only takes 60 seconds.

Step 3) Use the sample code below and replace “YOUR-API-KEY” with the api key you acquired in step 2.

var a2pClient = new Api2Pdf("YOUR-API-KEY");
var request = new ChromeUrlToImageRequest
    Url = "https://www.api2pdf.com"
var apiResponse = a2pClient.Chrome.UrlToImage(request);

And that’s it! Modify the code as you see fit. Hopefully this saves you time and makes converting converting URLs to images easy and painless for those writing C# / .NET core code.

See full github library

We have a whole .net based client library for our API that does a lot more than just this. Check out the full library capabilities here: https://github.com/Api2Pdf/api2pdf.dotnet

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