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API2PDF is proud to announce it has built a Docker Container to provide a convenient and reliable Web API to convert web pages and HTML to PDF format and screenshots. The underlying rendering engine is Headless Chrome w/ Puppeteer functionality. Testing can be done to ensure the container meets your needs by following the documentation here.

We are excited about this release because puppeteer offers significant functionality on top of running Headless Chrome raw on the metal. This is new and completely separate from our existing v1 API that we offer which does not support Puppeteer.

Any questions, inquiries, or bug reports can be emailed to

API Functionality


  • HTML to PDF
  • URL to PDF
  • HTML to Screenshot / Image
  • Web page to Screenshot / Image

Control over file generation

  • Generate file and download immediately
  • Generate file and upload to third party (such as Amazon S3)
  • Generate file asynchronously (fire and forget) and upload to third party. Useful for long running requests.

Advanced Options

Puppeteer supports many advanced options for PDF and screenshot generation. The request form that lives at the base route is designed to help you understand what is available for constructing the JSON payloads. It does not actually generate any PDFs or screenshots.

Bells & Whistles

  • Specify custom HTTP headers on URL requests
  • Use Puppeteer WaitFor options

Getting Started

Getting started is super easy. Do a quick test with the following API.



URL Endpoint:


Content-type: application/json



    “RequestId”: “12345”,

    “Html”: “<p>Hello World</p>”


That’s it! Of course the API is capable of doing so much more though.

View the full documentation.

Hosting Options

If you would like to discuss hosting options and pricing for the docker container, please contact for details.

Managed Hosting on Microsoft Azure
API2PDF can host the docker container for you on Microsoft Azure on an isolated virtual machine.

The docker container is for sale for enterprise customers who need to run the container in their own environment.

We are not currently offering SaaS version of this web service, but will in the future.


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