Do you offer free accounts?

Create an account to get one month of free credit to try out the service.


How do you bill?

$1 will be deducted from your balance every month. This charge begins 30 days after your first sign up for the service. In addition, we charge $.001 per mb bandwidth and $0.00019551 per second of computation.


How do I refill my balance?

You can configure your payment settings to automatically charge your credit card if your balance falls below a certain threshold, or you can make a one-time payment at any time.


Why are you so much cheaper than competitors?

Our theory is that we run on Serverless Architecture while other services maintain clusters of expensive servers.


Cancellation and refunds

We do not have any long term contracts. You can leave us at anytime with no further commitments. As our minimum cost is $1.00, we do not provide refunds.


Which payment methods are supported?

We take all the major credit cards through Stripe for payments. We also consider taking other forms of payment (including cryptocurrency). Contact us for details.


Are there any limits?

Api2Pdf does not set any specific limits on PDF file size, however each request is provided 2 GB of RAM to work with and 30 seconds to generate the PDF. If you need longer than 30 seconds, please contact us at support@api2pdf.com.


Do you support languages with special characters?

Definitely, click here to learn how to generate PDFs with all sorts of languages.


What PDF rendering engine do you use?

For HTML and URLs to PDFs, you have the choice between wkhtmltopdf and Headless Chrome. For converting from Office Documents and Images, we offer LibreOffice.


How long are PDFs stored on Api2Pdf.com?

Your privacy and security is important to us. After generating a PDF via the API, you are provided with a link to the file. This link will hold the PDF for only 24 hours. If you wish to keep your PDF long term, download the file to your local cache. If you want to delete your PDFs immediately, you can do so as well. See this post for details.


Do you offer consulting services?

Perhaps you want to run Api2Pdf on your own cloud account, or you have complicated PDF generation requirements. We are developers and are open to discussion. Feel free to contact us here.