IFTTT – Save any Pocket article as PDF and Email it as Attachment

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This post will provide step by step instructions for converting any article saved on Pocket to a PDF and then emailing that PDF as an attachment using IFTTT (If This Than That). This post assumes you have an account with IFTTT already.

Step 1: Sign up for free

Step 2: Test out the Url to PDF conversion.

Open a new browser window and copy and paste the url below. Replace {ApiKey} and {Url} with your Api Key from api2pdf.com and a url of your choice that you want to convert to a PDF.


It should generate a PDF from that url you provided. If so, you’re all set to create your applet on IFTTT.

Step 3: Setup the IFTTT Applet Trigger

  • Start by creating a new applet here
  • For the +this, search for “pocket” and select the Pocket service.

  • Choose a Pocket trigger of your choice.

Step 4: Setup the IFTTT Applet Action

  • Click the +that to begin setting up the action.
  • Search for Gmail in services.

  • Choose your desired action.

  • Fill out the required fields to your specifications. The important part is the Attachment Url field. Copy and paste the following line into the Attachment Url field. Replace {ApiKey} with your API Key you got from api2pdf.com in step 1.


My Api Key is redacted in the screenshot below.

That’s all! Trigger your Pocket by taking the action you configured and you should receive an email with a PDF version of the website you pocketed.

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