v2 Officially Released

July 10th, 2021 / by api2pdf /

This is a major release which contains breaking changes. You can remain on the older version of the API if you wish to keep using v2018.api2pdf.com. Upgrade is not required, though recommended. We will continue to run the older version of the API indefinitely.

Version 2 of Api2Pdf full REST API documentation located here: https://www.api2pdf.com/documentation/v2

Feature Set:


  • HTML to PDF, URL to PDF with added delay and puppeteer features
  • (new) HTML to Image, URL to Image. Useful for taking screenshots of websites.


  • HTML to PDF, URL to PDF. Added ability to autogenerate Table of Contents.


  • Convert any file to PDF (no change here, but better support for .msg and .eml files)
  • (new) Generate an image preview / thumbnail preview of a PDF, Word, Powerpoint, or any other file that LibreOffice can reasonably open. This is fantastic if you want to generate an image preview for your users.
  • (new) HTML to Docx. Now create Word files from HTML!
  • (new) HTML to Xlsx. Create an excel file if you have a well designed HTML with tables!
  • (new) PDF to HTML. Kind of a weird endpoint, but helpful if you want to strip text from a PDF and index the contents.


  • Merge pdfs together
  • (new) ‘Add Bookmarks’ endpoint. PDFs have a bookmarks feature and now you can specify those bookmarks with this endpoint
  • (new) ‘Password’ endpoint. Now password protected PDFs with this endpoint.

API2PDF team

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