API2PDF and GDPR compliance

May 17th, 2020 / by api2pdf /

API2PDF is GDPR and privacy compliant.

  • We do not store or log the payload data used to make the API calls at all.
  • All PDFs self-delete from our storage after 24 hours, but you have the ability to DELETE them immediately.
  • Our v2 API supports direct upload to your own server instead of using our storage.

Since we have no interest in actually storing your data, the above guidelines are enough to satisfy GDPR requirements. However, depending on your situation, you might have further privacy concerns, especially for those who are processing very sensitive data or health records.

We offer additional solutions for customers who require next level privacy:

  • Data processing agreements
  • Private cloud or hosting in a data center outside of the USA
  • Self-hosted in your own environment using our docker containers.

For full details about API2PDF and GDPR, see this document and contact us at support@api2pdf.com.

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