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January 19th, 2019 / by api2pdf /


ActivePDF is a popular PDF manipulation product for .NET developers. They offer a suite of products, which among them, allow you to manipulate / edit existing PDFs, generate new PDFs, convert HTML to PDFs, extract data out of existing PDFs, compression, and converting PDFs to images just to name a few. It’s a powerful product with some big name sponsors behind them.

However, I can’t actually tell you how much it costs since you have to contact sales. That seems silly.

Alternative to ActivePDF for HTML to PDF Conversion and More

ActivePDF offers a lot of functionality that .NET developers appreciate, no doubt, but we have found that is overkill and overpriced for most use-cases out there. If you are looking for just any of the following, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Convert HTML to PDF
  • Convert Web Page or URL to PDF
  • Convert Word Docs and other Microsoft Office files to PDF
  • Merge PDFs together
  • Generate bar codes / qr codes

API2PDF is a REST API that allows you to generate PDFs at massive scale. It is built on Amazon’s Lambda compute service for extreme, enterprise reliability. We are a wrapper for popular and open source PDF rendering engines Headless Chrome, wkhtmltopdf, and LibreOffice. These are the engines you know best – and now we just make them extremely easy to interact with and scale.

How does $1/mo + usage cost sound? Most of our customers spend less than $2/mo on our product.

Check out our .NET client library on Github and get started in minutes. No need to talk to a sales rep. Give it a try!

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