Is a shady service? You decide.

Some months ago, we wrote a detailed post about acting in a shady manner. They are a new HTML to PDF generation service. Click here to read that post. In short, we outlined the following:

  • Stalked any customer of ours that reached out to us on twitter and sent spam email to their personal email accounts.
  • Cloned our pricing model by a negligible difference to claim to be cheaper by two pennies over tens of thousands of conversions.
  • Unclear where they are based out of.
  • No transparency about their infrastructure.
  • Unfinished documentation indicated that they posted the service in a hurry.

We have no issue with competition, and very much welcome it. It is why we post our competitors publicly on our site here. What we do not ignore is when you stalk and spam email our clients with misleading information. That requires a response.

Now we seem to have upset the guy because we received an email from him. Api2Pdf has always been committed to radical transparency and so we wanted to give him the opportunity to respond to our previous post. See his email below in full (view larger image).


Maybe he really does live in Virginia and that was indeed just a coincidence. We can concede that one. However, I find the rest of the email rather doubtful, especially “I wouldn’t do the same to you” when he is the one that spammed our customer’s personal email accounts.

But now you have both sides of the story, so you can decide for yourself!