PDFmyURL Alternative: Compare PDFmyURL with Api2Pdf for HTML

pdfmyurl.com vs. Api2Pdf.com

What does pdfmyurl.com have to offer?

PDFmyURL offers a REST API for URL to PDF and HTML to PDF conversion. However, it is quite expensive given its lack of features.

How does Api2Pdf.com compare to pdfmyurl.com’s features and pricing?

Cost to Generate 1,000 PDFs in 1 month* $39 $1.49
Cost to Generate 50,000 PDFs in 1 month* Contact Sales $25.55
No Rate Limits
No File Size Limits
HTML / URL to PDF Conversion
Word, Excel, Powerpoint to PDF Conversion
Images to PDF Conversion
Merge / Combine Two or More PDFs
Offers WKHTMLTOPDF Unclear
Offers Headless Chrome
Offers LibreOffice

*Based on a PDF size of 0.1 megabytes

Final Analysis

PDFmyURL keeps things simple. Convert HTML and URLs to PDF. Given that is all they offer, and they are expensive, they are not as attractive as a service as Api2Pdf.com

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