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jsPDF Alternative for PDF Generation

March 14th, 2019 / by api2pdf /

jsPDF is a client side library for javascript that allows you generate PDFs. It is open source and convenient for quick and dirty PDF generation, but unfortunately it lacks some key functionality. Since it is not browser-based, building a PDF with jsPDF can be cumbersome. In most cases, all you are looking to do is […]

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Convert HTML to PDF with Javascript and React

December 19th, 2018 / by api2pdf /

Intro In a previous post, we provided guidance with how to generate PDFs from HTML and web pages with javascript and jquery. In this post, we provide a sample React component to convert HTML to PDFs using Headless Chrome or wkhtmltopdf. Api2Pdf is an HTML to PDF API that allows developers to generate PDFs at […]

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Convert HTML to PDF with client side javascript and jquery

September 2nd, 2018 / by api2pdf /

It is rare, but there may be some situations where the only option you have to convert HTML to PDF or a URL to PDF is from the client-side javascript. Now there are some existing options such as jsPDF, but they are severely limited. An ideal situation would be to have access to wkhtmltopdf or […]

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